Jerozelle “Zella” de Kock

FONDLY REMEMBERED: Lezeine de Kock holds a picture of her sister, Jerozelle.
FONDLY REMEMBERED: Lezeine de Kock holds a picture of her sister, Jerozelle.


THE family of Jerozelle de Kock, 19, who was hit by a stray bullet in Helenvale on her way to a youth meeting in 2011, do not believe her killers received the appropriate punishment when they were sentenced in December.

Dillon Afrika, 20, and Eldridge Stalmeester, 24, both of Helenvale, were convicted of murdering Jerozelle – who was four months pregnant at the time – and each sentenced to an effective 25 years in prison.

Her sister, Lezeine de Kock, who was with her at the time of her death, said the family still believed both Afrika and Stalmeester should have received life terms.

“They are so young and when they are released from prison they will still be able to live normal lives. What about Zella’s life? She has no life because of them. They showed no remorse and did not even say sorry to our family at court.”

Lezeine said on the day in question they were in a group of four walking from their home in Kobus Road to a youth meeting in the area of Barcelona around 6.30pm.

“We were walking through Voisin Street when we saw a guy who was talking to a woman in a car. We heard what sounded like a cracker but continued walking. That is when we heard more shots go off and I told them that we needed to run into the closest house that was open. I ran as fast as I could but Zella did not make it.”

She said Afrika and Stalmeester were in the street firing shots in the direction of Hilton Booysen. At the time, Booysen was talking to Cheree Rodrigues who was also wounded during the shooting.

When the shots stopped Lezeine saw Jerozelle lying in the street. “People came outside to help. When I first saw her I thought she must have fainted but then someone said she was dead.”

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