Jordaan just focuses on job at hand

A NATIONAL newspaper featured NMBM mayor Danny Jordaan and DA mayoral candidate Athol Trollip. In juxtaposing the inputs of these two, I found that Trollip severely attacked Jordaan, Jacob Zuma and the ANC.

This song has now been sung by him at every opportunity he can get. No context. Nothing new. Noise.

I call the opposition parties “Zuposition” (their politics and campaigns revolve around Zuma), because they seem to have little or nothing to offer South Africans.

Jordaan for his part, with utmost dignity, never mentioned Trollip’s name, the DA or Mmusi Maimane. No personal attacks. No hot air. Just focused on the job at hand as he seems to understand the plight of the citizens best, especially those in the northern areas and clearly demonstrates a passion to change people’s lives.

Jordaan outlined clearly what had been done and what was to be done in the metro. He mentioned his achievements, which included:

Cash reserves – a rare luxury for the metro;

The metro was now one of the three highest credit-rated municipalities;

Cash holdings had risen from R468-million in June 2011 to R1.69-billion in December last year;

Supply chain system completely overhauled and computerised. One does not have to emphasise the massive importance of this;

Cleaning out corruption (29 officials removed). He seems definitely to be walking the big talk here;

IPTS under revival;

Imminent launch of the metro police to build safer communities. At the time of writing this letter, the metro police had been launched.

Well done to Jordaan for a game-changing milestone mooted in 2009 already, but to no avail until he appeared. People in gang-infested areas can expect safer streets and peace for a change.

All of this in just 10 months. Is this not what this metro needs to take back its rightful place as a vibrant economic powerhouse? By the pace Jordaan is moving, most definitely.

He also spoke about the “five golden years”, built on four pillars, that is the oceans economy, township economy, enterprise and markets, and the creative economy. This will change the face of the metro in an unprecedented way, with the unemployed, graduates and the vulnerable being the biggest winners.

This metro had its fair share of setbacks in the past and seems to be turning the corner rapidly. Jordaan, without shouting or attacking even his detractors, is quietly restoring the dignity of the people of the metro.

The difference between Jordaan and Trollip is like chalk and cheese, to the extent that Trollip resembles a total political novice who shoots in the dark, compared to the very task-focused Jordaan. The so-called “trump card” of the main Zuposition (DA), is Cape Town.

Yes, Cape Town has changed a lot, but ask the people of Gugulethu, Langa, Mitchell’s Plain and Atlantis what has changed for them under the DA government.

  • J Horn, Kabega Park, Port Elizabeth

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