Letter: Only ANC can lead the metro

It is my duty as a patriotic citizen of our glorious motherland to respond to some of the issues raised by Andrew Tainton in his letter, “Dream of a just South Africa” (July 13).

I wonder to myself, in the context of our apartheid past, with its privileges vested in your white skin, did you dream the same dream before our first democratic elections on April 27 1994? The dream of Sol Plaatje, Nelson Mandela and a small band of white anti-apartheid political activists like Joe Slovo, Eddie Roux, Beyers Naude, Helen Suzman, Helen Joseph, Janet Cherry, Molly Blackburn and others, by actively making sacrifices to realise the dream that was realised on April 27 1994.

Then democracy and political freedom dawned with the death of apartheid as the cornerstone of neo-Nazi National Party rule. If you were guilty of upholding the apartheid system by silence and therefore guilty of apartheid by omission and conspiracy of silence, like the majority of the white working-class South Africans, then rather hold your peace and be silent.

You run the risk of joining the growing band of arrogant white apartheid beneficiaries who are increasingly in denial and shamelessly exploiting our democratic platforms to hide the truth of our democratic journey post-1994. They exploit the material conditions of millions still living in poverty to deny that South Africa is indeed a better place than it was before 1994.

The ANC has been hamstrung to create the post-apartheid utopia for all because of the racist nature of imperialism and its capitalist system. In postapartheid black South Africa there was no Marshall Plan to upgrade our township ghettoes and destroy the socially engineered spatial living patterns of grand apartheid.

But the ANC policy of social housing is evidence of policies to eradicate the apartheid ghettoes. In addition, with the albatross of the apartheid debt to pay back, the ANC has done wonders with the available resources.

Furthermore your letter is premised on Zumaphobia and therefore lacks the element of objectivity, an essential pillar of sound and unambiguous analysis.

It follows “the stuck gramophone needle” syndrome of most political parties of personal attacks. The result is that debates and the like degenerate into useless, rowdy mudslinging matches.

Like many “Zumaphobes”, your point of departure is to peddle the propaganda that our honourable president, Jacob Zuma, is the ANC. He is not.

He is first a member of the ANC. Zuma is part of a democratically deployed collective chosen to lead the ANC at this juncture.

The mission is to free blacks in general and Africans in particular from more than 300 years of colonialism and, in South Africa’s case, the crime against humanity of Hendrik Verwoerd’s grand apartheid policies.

Our economic woes are influenced by global economic factors. South Africa is not an economic island.

All the rhetoric is really counter-revolutionary propaganda aimed at regime change. It is only the ANC that has the experience and impeccable struggle credentials to be trusted with leading our metro.

A lot more needs to be done as resources are freed up in projects in the next five golden years, like the sustainable exploitation of our ocean economy, tourism and agriculture. The thing that comforts our people is that the ANC knows their plight and will address them as resources become available.

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