Letter: Direct anger at the govt

The letter by Pedro Mzileni (“Students treated violently by system”, July 15) refers.

Dear Pedro, we all attend university to get educated, firstly. Also to think for ourselves, to apply our minds, and respect and listen to the views of others.

I agree with you that education should be free or at the very least affordable to those who want to learn. However, I am sure you know that the university is not the culprit here.

The government is responsible for educating our children. Last year, it was “fees must fall” and the government agreed to that.

I was overjoyed, because I know many students benefited, black and white. What would a responsible government then do, I ask you?

Yes sir, I agree, increase the funding. It, however, did not, so, pray tell me, how are universities supposed to balance the books?

I think the anger of the students is directed at the wrong people. How are we going to make sure that the government takes note of the needs of our people? I am sure you know the answer. We need strong leaders, people who can talk things through, listen to others, see things from different angles and get things done without losing their dignity. People with integrity.

I wish you and every student well with your studies for the last semester.

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