Letter: Grade R fees demand

A GRADE R child is sent home with a letter stating the child is to stay at home the following day and will not be allowed at school until his school fees are paid to date. Parents miss one month’s school fees, three days before pay day, and their child is not allowed at school.

Why are the schools punishing the children? The parent is being told Grade R is not part of the school and school fees are compulsory, and this rule applies only to Grade R, not to pupils in Grade 1 and upward because they are a part of the school.

Yet every week we as parents are expected for fork out cash for our child to participate in extra activities, civvies day, etc. If we don’t pay for civvies day, the child is not allowed to go in civvies or participate in the extra activities set out for the day.

Can someone please explain how the system works? Is the matter of finances not between the parents and school?

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