Letter: Show our views by hitting the SABC in pocket

It is obvious that those in charge of the SABC, and those who in turn are in charge of them, are obsessed with imposing their blinkered views on us and denying us unbiased news. Goebbels-like, they are deaf to reason, blind to logic and unmoved by moral and ethical values.

It serves no purpose, therefore, to attempt to engage them in intelligent debate – their minds are closed.

Max du Preez recently cut his ties with the SABC in protest against news and views being censored. He felt that his professional integrity would be compromised were he to continue his association with the SABC.

His actions are admirable and we should emulate him by flooding companies, who taint their products by advertising them during news programmes, with complaints. Companies who continue to support SABC news broadcasts should be blackballed on social media.

Let them understand that, if they are prepared to associate their products with biased reporting, we will no longer buy their products. Let’s reclaim the airwaves by hitting them, and by extension the SABC, in their pockets.

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