Letter: Time to vote the ANC out of power

EVERY day we read stories of failures on promises made by the ANC to our communities in South Africa. Port Elizabeth needs desperately a change in rulership as for too long we have been oppressed by a corrupt, ungodly government, the ANC.

The time has come for it to be voted out of power in our country and Jacob Zuma forced to pay back the money owed for Nkandla. It’s time for the DA to rule and restore our country to prosperity and growth.

I don’t live in the past and apartheid is buried after 21 years of democracy.

I urge all concerned citizens to vote for the DA. Don’t waste your precious votes on the EFF either, a useless party.

In the coming municipal elections we as Christians are voting the ANC out for good. It needs to get the message that corruption and ungodliness does not carry God’s blessings.

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