Pistorius has served his time, let him grieve

IT has now been years and months of trying to prove Oscar Pistorius’s guilt. It is now a case of the lawyers just making money.

All these court cases will not bring Reeva Steenkamp back.

Pistorius only has two stumps for legs. Now all you people who want to make news, how about you trying to walk on your knees as stumps for days? You will soon find out how difficult it is. Pistorius had two prosthesis fitted so that he could learn to walk.

That must have taken a lot of guts and he, being Oscar, took it one step further and started exercises and eventually because of self-discipline was able to run on his false legs, which I think is a major achievement. He did not sit back and feel sorry for himself.

No, he had a vision and trained hard to make something of his life, which he had when he won the medals in South Africa and overseas – an achievement like no other.

So instead of looking for ways to make him suffer more after losing Steenkamp, I would ask all you two-legged people to put yourself in his place, and walk only on your knees as stompies and see how you would get around. You would not like it and nor would you be able to move freely.

My views are that Steenkamp was in the bathroom where there was a window open. Pistorius heard her screams and by the time he could find his firearm, out of haste he had to move on his stompies to try to save her.

With her screams he realised there must be someone in the bathroom with her. I would like to know what any other person, as well as her parents, would do if he or she heard Steenkamp screaming for help.

This will not bring Steenkamp back. Pistorius has done his jail time and he also now needs to grieve for Steenkamp.

I have another way of looking at this case, instead of persistently blaming Pistorius. Let us think of Steenkamp as she was, a beautiful, talented young woman, but let us also forgive Pistorius for not being able to save her life.

Oscar, look to God for help.

  • Thinking of you, Oscar, Port Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Pistorius has served his time, let him grieve

  • June 30, 2016 at 1:17 am

    Is this a late April Fools joke ? Oscar has served no real jail time at all and that is about to change, very quickly. Bottom line is South Africa’s highest legal structure has found him guilty of murder and the ordinary citizen’s opinions are of little merit, as they deserve to be.

  • June 29, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    Yes Oscar needs to look to God for help, but I think the author of this letter has been smoking grass or something. Yes he must mourn and reflect on what he has done and also adhere to the law of the country and go to jail according to the law. Keep your sympathy out of it just because he has stompies, otherwise any cripple etc. can become a murderer and we must listen to another law for them????


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