Police car used for shopping

MY wife was waiting in her car for our son to return from the Bluewater Bay Spar at 5.57pm on Friday, when she noticed a woman in civilian clothes carrying shopping bags to a SAPS vehicle.

The passenger alighted and opened the back door, upon which the woman loaded the shopping bags into the car, also getting into the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle, also in civilian clothes, then arrived bearing two shopping bags.

My wife then used her cellphone to take a photo of the vehicle, which the driver noticed. He then interrogated my wife and was visibly concerned with the fact that they were photographed.

My wife then had to lie to him and assure him that no photo was taken. The photo herewith shows the driver/shopper walking back to the vehicle, with the shopping bags visible on the back seat.

I would like the SAPS to investigate this misuse of a government vehicle and the abuse of taxpayers’ money. I am sure the vehicle can be traced to a police station and the driver/shopper identified.

I would like to see their spin doctors explain this abuse, as I am sure this is not a company vehicle.

Big Brother (name supplied), Bluewater Bay, Port Elizabeth

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