Primrose Crous stands by her man

BUSINESSWOMAN Primrose Crous, 35, will not part with her husband, controversial construction mogul Theunis, over young women who run to the media and accuse him of being a womaniser.

Primrose said she stood by her embattled 55-year-old husband after he was recently accused of having a roving eye by a young woman in Drum magazine.

“If you want me to divorce my husband it would not be because of girls running to magazines saying they spoke to him or he asked them out. I just want to make it clear to all of them that I am not going to divorce him because of those things.”

Earlier this year, Primrose’s own sister, Pearl Mooi, claimed her famous brother- in-law wanted to sleep with her, an allegation Crous vehemently disputed.

“Theunis is my best friend, I have known him for many years. Married women know that if a girl is going to go to the media, it is because she is not getting attention [from the husband].”

Primrose said she felt harassed by certain media. – Mashoto Lekgau

One thought on “Primrose Crous stands by her man

  • July 22, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    Uhm… There must have been a misunderstanding – I never said I wanted anyones man or any 1 to divorce their husband because of me, just to set the record straight. I’m the 23 year old here let’s not all act 23 when infact we’re 35


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