Ray of light in another point of youth view

AMID all the depressing news in The Herald of Friday, July 1 (main headline “How rise in prices hits your pocket”), I found but one ray of light on the future of our beleaguered country. It was the letter from Ntuthuko Dumakude, from the COPE Youth Movement, in which he takes the ANC Youth League to task and points out that they are not “the youth”, but no more than a vocal group who are calling for nationalisation of the mainstays of the economy.

He provides a comprehensive and constructive list of the relevant questions that need to be discussed – among youth everywhere – before it can be said that the youth of the country are behind such proposals. Right here at NMMU we have a growing presence of the DA Youth on the SRC, and I appeal to them to take up this challenge and to open their debates and discussions to the media.

All credit to Dumakude and COPE for raising this key issue and for his crucial debating points. What a pity that COPE was never able to realise its valuable potential and has been tragically weakened by the petty differences of its leaders.

All power to its Youth Movement, and may it prosper and rise to progress these critical agendas for all youth, and indeed for the future which we all face in South Africa.

Roux van der Merwe, Port Elizabeth

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