Sevens blitz a trail and panto mania’s in the air

PIRATES, nurses, bishops, ghouls, fairies, vikings, Santa Claus and Spongebob Squarepants were all gathered together – talking a lot and intensely checking out some movers and shakers from all over the world.
No, it wasn’t COP17.
Nope, is wasn’t an aqua theme party either.
  It wasn’t even the United Nations end-of- year function.
It was the inaugural HSBC Sevens World Series in Nelson Mandela Bay, which more than 40000 rugby revellers  and fun lovers attended at our magnificent North End stadium over two days.
Skinnerbek thinks that some of the peeps did a fantastic job of embracing the Sevens tradition of wild fancy dress – and being inventive to boot.
Wow, no expense was spared – like the troupe of Spongebob Squarepants dudes, who your gossip girl thought looked mighty fine in their turquoise squarepants and yellow tank tops.
She would have liked to have given one of those sponges a squeeze or two, neh?
There was some good input from Grahamstown too – like dainty angel Jos Coombs and Santa- bedecked Justin McDougall who were later spotted jiving at the Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels concert after the rugby.
Ken Lemon-Ward – joined by Grahamstonians Michael and Lindsay Drager – made it clear he was also from the “city of saints” by donning bishop’s robes and looking the part (except for that beer, Ken!).
The concert later turned into  a rave with Goldfish doing their thing superbly – Skinnerbek thinks you’re the greatest, guys. (And you too Dr Vic and your Rastas!)
Your  gallivanting gossip doesn’t find herself at the theatre all too often, but she has some young family in town and took them off to see the Jack and the Beanstalk panto at the Little Theatre.
What a load of fun! This festive  treat hasn’t been staged for a few years. But it is so good to have it back.
It immediately puts everyone in the holiday mood and the performances were spot on – plenty of laughs and cuteness all round.
Let’s hope it becomes a regular December feature in the city again – like the Sevens tourney is going to be!

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