U’hage advised to use water sparingly

ALTHOUGH the responsible usage of water is requested as a general rule of thumb, a special request is directed at Uitenhage residents to do so as municipal workers are currently working to restore a major burst pipe as well as a pump station at the Kabah (Groendal) Water Treatment Works.

According to the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, work on the pump station that extracts water from the treatment works and pumps it to the Rosedale reservoir, resulted in a drop in the reservoir level and the backup supply is struggling to keep up with the demand.

Municipal spokesman Kupido Baron said: “To compound supply concerns, the burst of a major supply line to Uitenhage this morning led to the isolation of the pipeline and our repair teams are currently busy fixing the problem.

“At this stage we still have sufficient reservoir storage and consumers should not be affected. We are, however, concerned that the repair may take longer than expected and therefore request consumers in the Uitenhage area to use water sparingly.”

The municipality added that if all goes well, the pipe should be repaired by this evening and the supply restored by tomorrow.

Water tankers have been deployed in the area. In case of an emergency residents are requested to call 0800-205-050.

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